Understanding Wellness

A4.PNGWellness can have many definitions given by different people. However in short wellness is all about optimal living. Wellness is applicable in almost every human endeavor and this is why it can be defined differently by different individuals. Since wellness is a multidimensional concept each of the dimension is critical for wellness, and all of them are related. All the elements depend on each other. Wellness has six dimensions according to the National wellness institute though other models may differ in the name and number of wellness programs. The six dimensions are;

Physical dimension which focuses on physical health. This dimension also includes having adequate physical and mental energy to carry out various life activities. Some of the issues addressed in the physical aspect of wellness include exercise, proper nutrition, tobacco control, alcohol and drugs control, sleep and good use of healthcare facilities. This aspect also entails being responsible at a personal level.

Social: this dimension revolves about having good relationships and socialization related practices at personal, group and community level. Interdependence in the form of issuing and getting support for making and sustaining healthy changes is an important aspect of wellness. Visit this site now to learn more: https://sponauglewellness.com.

Intellectual: this dimension of wellness knows that the body and mind are not separated but are one. Creative and innovative problem solving, brain fitness, stimulating mental activities as well as critical thinking are also features of intellectual dimension. A person who is well values intellectual growth and stimulation.

Spiritual: this should not be taken to be about religious dogma, but rather it is about looking for meaning and purpose in our care and life.it is important that we all believe in something bigger than us. Spiritual dimension involves a broad sense of appreciation for the life and natural forces that exist in the universe. In short, the spiritual dimension is all about the meaning and purpose you attach to your existence.

Occupational: this is also referred as career dimension. This aspect focuses on personal satisfaction and enrichment and finding meaning and purpose in life through the work we do. An essential aspect in this dimension is occupational development. This involves focusing on the attitude about one’s work and the skills that one needs to carry out his job successfully.

Emotional: this dimension understands that the body and soul are not separated. This dimension includes values, beliefs, and emotions all of which are important for wellness. This dimension involves the power to evaluate, recognize, express and manage one’s emotions.

Wellness is an amazing journey, and choosing wellness wisely can yield much in your life. Discover more on this link: https://www.britannica.com/topic/spa-health-resort.


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